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Gina Gonzalez (guitar, vocals) has acquired quite a musical resume. She has traveled all over the world and the U.S. enchanting and entertaining the hearts of many. Gina has performed for some of the highest ranking military personnel to famous actors and respected fellow artists. She has earned awards for recognition including honors from the U.S. Congress and the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. Gina has done all of this by her own determination and drive.

Born into a big family, Gina is the youngest of nine children and from a very early age they knew she had a musical gift. As little as 4 years old, Gina was placed on top of the piano at family gatherings to perform songs while a family member would accompany her on piano. As she grew older, her voice took shape and people began to take notice. She caught the ear of actor Gary Sinise and from that moment her life would change.

Gina began touring with the Lt. Dan Band featuring actor Gary Sinise in 2004, performing shows for the United States military. During her time with the band she composed a song, “A Letter Home” that was written specifically for the men and women who serve. This song has been featured in a full length documentary and continues to gain recognition for its honest and emotional portrayal of being part of the military.

Living in Chicago gave Gina the chance to spread her musical wings. She started playing weekly solo shows in and around town, performing to a wide audience. She soon had over 1000 cover songs under her belt and earned the title, “The Human Jukebox”. As a singer/songwriter, Gina has just released her 3rd self titled EP incorporating rock, blues and folk influences all surrounding her silky rich voice. Gina plays anything from Etta James to Alice in Chains and will deliver a performance that will leave you wanting more!

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